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Structured Settlements - Pros and Cons of Structured Settlement Over a Lump Sum
An initial response for most people who are faced with a large sum of money is to take the money and run. When finalizing details of a structured settlements agreement stemming from an injury sustained by someone's negligence, it would be in your best interest to stop running and consider your payout options.

The Ins-And-Out of a Personal Injury Case
As a personal injury attorney, I see car accident cases everyday. For me, and others like me, the process of handling such a case is not overly complicated -- after all, this IS what we do for a living. But for most people, being in an accident, and more specifically, being injured in an accident, can be stressful and overwhelming.

Brain Injuries Caused by Car Accidents Can Be Devastating
Traumatic brain injuries resulting from an auto accident can leave victims with impaired cognitive skills and permanent disability. Unfortunately, the extent of the injury can be difficult to determine in its early stages. Seeking immediate medical care is critical, as is protecting the victim's future through legal means.

Labor of Structured Settlements
Structured settlements are payments of monetary compensation made monthly or yearly instead of giving lump cash upfront. Structured settlements have become an increasing common option among all settlement related lawsuits.

Personal Injury - The Role Of A Vocational Rehabilitation Expert
The damage created during a car wreck is not limited to your property and physical injuries. It can also damage your lifestyle. Many people find it difficult to immediately resume normal tasks at work and home. A vocational rehabilitation expert can help you return to normal by placing you into a comparable job that can account for any limitations sustained in the auto accident.

Car Accident Caused By Item Falling Off Of A Truck
When an accident is caused by items falling off of a moving truck, liability becomes an issue. Even relatively harmless items, such as mattresses, can cause serious or even fatal accidents on the road. When items fall off a truck, they can block the road, strike a pedestrian or bicyclist or cause another car to go off the road. It is important to understand the liability laws surrounding such accidents.

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